My bookmarks folder is sorted alpha, but my Process folder is sorted by date added… it’s sort of like a digital diary of my process in designing a new team—where there once was one, there are now many. You could replace tool specific references with the tool used in your org intended to meet the same user need.

“We need more design leaders to send the elevator back down with strategies and tips.” — Marissa Louie, Designers Guild

I 💜 designers!

As I’m working to share more with interns and new designers in the community, I’m posting this to Facebook with a note here… my new site to the same goal. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments. You may be the very first! 🙂

And, here’s the list of links to get you started…

“Process” in Interaction Design (or UX):

  1. Generic Work Process – Google DocsThe Complete Guide to the Product Design Process
  2. The silent critique: improving the quality of UX deliverables
  3. GitHub – thoughtbot/design-sprint: Product Design Sprint Material
  4. 9 Rules For Running A Productive Design Critique
  5. GooglePhases & Methods – Design Sprint Kit
  6. Google Design Sprint Kit
  7. 6470D CH06 UG
  8. Learn Human Computer Interaction (HCI) | Stanford University UCSD Scott Klemmer
  9. The Circle of Product Design – Marvel Blog
  10. IxD (Interaction Design) Checklist – Myplanet Digital
  11. UX Checklists – UX Collective
  12. Creating a lean, mean product requirements machine
  13. Eleven Lessons Learned about Design Process — UK Council
  14. Conceptual Modeling of Tasks — A Complete Design Documented
  15. How to make great wireframes in Sketch – Design + Sketch – Medium
  16. Setting Up a Design System – Design + Sketch – Medium
  17. JIRA Workflow for software development and quality analyst (QA) teams – Learner’s Library – Abhilash Shukla Blog
  18. 3 simple steps for bringing your design review process into Jira Software – Atlassian Blog
  19. An agile design prototype is worth a thousand user stories – Atlassian Blog
  20. How to become a design-driven company in an agile world – Atlassian Blog
  21. DesignOps: Unleashing the potential of our design studio – Atlassian Blog
  22. Where Do We Put The UX Tasks? – John Cutler – Medium
  23. 7 UX design tools for an effective Scrum workflow – UNITiD
  24. An Example of Object-Oriented Design: An ATM Simulation
  25. A Simple Example of Object-Oriented Design: An Address Book
  26. An Overview Of The Most Common UX Design Deliverables — Smashing Magazine
  27. The 10 UX Deliverables Top Designers Use | Toptal
  28. Use Case 01: Order A Single Cup Of Coffee
  29. Example UX docs and deliverables – UXM
  30. Requirements Engineering — Elicitation & Analysis (Part 2)
  31. User Interaction and Interface Design with UML
  32. How to Create a Customer Journey Map – UX Mastery
  33. Auto move issues between boards
  34. In search of the perfect workflow: version control for Sketch, powered by git and Abstract
  35. GIT repository for designers as you’ve never seen: Abstract (+ Sketch)
  36. Blog | Abstract
  37. Thoughts on users, experience, and design – InVision Blog