Google Analytics is an often overlooked tool for UXers. Google Analytics is one of the best, free tools you can have for research.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics for UX Designers is for user experience designers who want to improve conversion rates and usability of their website or product using Google Analytics. This article covers…

  1. Setup and basics
  2. Getting started with Page View tracking
  3. Traffic analysis
  4. Behaviour analysis
  5. Goal creation and analysis
  6. How to create goals and funnels
  7. How to analyze the goal report
  8. Funnel creation and analysis
  9. How to create funnels
  10. How to analyze the goal funnel report
  11. Events
  12. Events report
  13. Timing and conversion
  14. How to track user timing events
  15. Conversion

Try it out yourself with Google’s Demo Analytics account.

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